A New Year

Bare with me in this post, it's a bit like a diary entry/letter I guess?

Before I start I hope you all had a great Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

So I'm in my second year of college now, and it's been completely crazy. Not only have I had two extra classes this year two last and most of my days are 9-5 now, but I have applied for University, gotten a social life and been in and out of Hospital. The hospital visits haven't been anything too serious, just getting me ready for my pending operation to remove a benign lump in my breast. So I will still not be around as much as I could hope to be for quite some time.

I've been trying my hardest to get on here and make sure all the new tags for the One Direction community and just to make sure everything is running smoothly, so please excuse me if you ask me to do something and a take a little longer than I used too. I will try and start a few new projects soon on here, so bare with me and I will see you soon.


Random post.

So I've been like AWOL of late, sorry guys, but I've been very ill since two Friday's ago and I don't think getting very drunk the day I passed out and threw up helped much I had such a raging hangover the next day and my best friends sister made me and my best friend cleaned up the house, wasn't the best cure of both illness and hangover but w/e I'll survive, so this is just to say I am very sorry for my disappearance and I'm still quite ill so bare with me if you send me a message or something needs doing on one of the comm's, I will get round to doing it and will try my hardest to do it ASAP.

Thank-you for all baring with moi!

P.S. I went to see Jessie J live on Saturday and it was absolute heaven!!! You should all go see her/check her out on youtube if you haven't already.
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I might be meeting Gary Barlow!

I'm going to the xFactor auditions in Newcastle tomorrow, and the only reason why is, because of the off chance I could get the chance to meet Gary Barlow... eeeeek :D

I'm also really looking forward to seeing all the shit singers, because Newcastle has next to no talent AT ALL.


Livejournal sucks.

Why do you have to pay for everything? I want a new username and a cool userhead, but no I have no money and I'm not paying for it. It's getting to the point I'm tempted to create a new account to get a new name, but there is the fact I have a load of friends on here and communities and it's too much hassle.

So, after that random rant, I'm gonna recommend some old~ish songs I'm starting to like again after not hearing them for 7/8 years!

Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy

Ugly - Sugarbabes. I love this song it's so beautiful and the best Sugarbabes lineup of all time. Sadness :(

And finally, as much as I love One Direction, Matt and Aiden, this has to be the best XFactor contestant of all time... It's Chico Times - Chico